Demanding owners of late model VW Buses (w/type 4 motors) will like the appearance and performance of these systems. Increased horsepower and better gas mileage are a result of precision mandrel bent tubing and performance oriented mufflers. Sold in our “Modular Concept” which allows you to buy the header separately from the muffler, so you can design, add or change your system the way you like it.

(Part number 2034-10 uses either 2540, or 2536, while our 2086-10 utilizes the 2575 or 2576 mufflers listed below.)

2034-10 Bus w/Type 4 Eng Header Only, 75-79 (Exc. Calif.)
2086-10 Bus w/Type 4 Eng Header Only, 72-74/80-83
2536 Single QP Muffler for 2034-10 TII 75-79
2576 Single QP Muffler, T-2 (Fits 2086-10)
2576-13 Single QP Muffler, T-2 (Fits 2086-10) Ceramic
2086-13 Ceramic T4/Bus 72-74 Header only
2087-10 T4/Bus 1-5/8” 72-74 Header only
2087-13 T4/Bus 1-5/8” 72-74 Ceramic Header
2587 T4/Bus QP Muffler For 2087-10
2587-13 T4/Bus QP Muffler For 2087-10, Ceramic
2511-11 Replacemt Flange Gasket, 2086-10/2575/2576, Pkg. of 2

EMPI Inc. acquired all the rights, inventory, tooling, trade names etc., for the Bugpack Product Line of Merchandise. Bugpack is now part of EMPI Inc. We at EMPI look forward to serving both Bugpack and EMPI Distributors with this expanded line of merchandise.
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