ANGLE-FLO™ is the ultimate in cylinder head technology from BUGPACK. This head has all the virtues of our S/F line but the exhaust ports have been re-engineered to improve the flow for EVEN GREATER performance. This is just a basic head casting, machined for 4” bore, push rod tubes & valve guide locations. Design features a larger rocker stand area for complete support. Has relocated compact 12mm spark plug holes which adds strength to the head.

(See other sections for intake manifolds, valve covers, exhaust systems and accessories to use with these heads.)

4006-113 A/F™ Racing Head, Machined & Bare, Each

EMPI Inc. acquired all the rights, inventory, tooling, trade names etc., for the Bugpack Product Line of Merchandise. Bugpack is now part of EMPI Inc. We at EMPI look forward to serving both Bugpack and EMPI Distributors with this expanded line of merchandise.
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